quarta-feira, 28 de março de 2012

Flowing (diffusion) of Particles


Solids can't flow because their particles can only  vibrate and can't move from place to place. SOLIDS CAN'T FLOW!


Liquids can flow because their particles can slide over each other. When water is poured into a glass, the particles of the water slide over each other and into the corners of the glass. Like when  we did in class, the liquid was diffusing and it showed how liquids flow. LIQUIDS CAN FLOW, BECAUSE THEY MOVE! 


Gases can flow because their particles can move in all directions, their particles move randomly. When a Bunsen burner is connected to a gas tap and turned on, naturally the  gas flows through the rubber tube, making it's way to it's destination, which in this case is the Bunsen burner. Particles in the gas have loads of kinetic energy they can move anywhere the want! Remember when we experienced the gas flowing, the gas particles spread all around the class, and everyone could smell.

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