terça-feira, 27 de março de 2012

What are solids, liquids and gases like?


  • Solids are the particles which is more dense, meaning they have less space between them. 
  • Solid particles are the only ones that has a pattern. 
  • Solids aren't compresible because they can't be squashed easily.
  • Solids can't flow from place to place, they stay in fixed position.
  • Solids, are held in fixed positions by something called: bonds.


  • Solids particles has more kinetic energy than solids, they slide over each other .
  • They have no regular pattern, meaning they are arranged in a random way.
  • Move around and hits the other particles, they are moving randomly, they have no pattern to move, they just slide over each other.
  • Takes the shape of the container.
  • Has a fixed volume.


  • They have more kinetic energy than all the other particles, it can move faster.
  • They bounce over each other.
  • Gas particles have no regular pattern.
  • Then can easily be squashed onto a smaller container.
  • They are not joined together, they are not dense.
  • They move quickly in all directions

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